Biotechnology Videos and DVDs (DNA Biotechnology, Immuno-Biotechnology, Molecular Cloning of DNA, Agarose Gel Electrophoresis and HIV & AIDS)
Educational Biotechnology Kits: DNA Experiments for DNA size determination paternity, forensic and mapping of DNA.
Educational Biotechnology Kits: DNA Experiments for Spooling, genomic, plasmid, Blue/white screening, transformation, lambda DNA, Restriction enzyme digests, cloning and PCR techniques.
Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Apparatuses & Mini Power Supply
Equipment: Gel Photo Documentation System, Laboratory Bench Coolers, and Thermocycler.
Advanced kits, products for research labs and laboratory teaching (Plasmid Preps, Spin Columns, X-Gal/IPTG Mist Spray, UV Transparent Disposable Cuvettes and Precise DNA markers)
Variable, Fix Volume Pipettes and Weighing Scales.
Equipment: Portable, Full Spectrum Microfuge Centrifuges, Digital Dry Baths and Incubators.
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